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Favicons Generators

Here I have listed online favicon creators and favicons generators with some observations on usability, practicality and how easy they are to use. The favicon editors and generators are usually provided free by a graphics oriented site for webmasters - so many of these website will have other useful tools and resources for web designers and webmasters. (THEY ARE ALL FREE!).

Free Online Favicon Generator - Free Favicon Generator - The Anti-Favicon website is an easy to use free on-line favicon generator. The favicons generated at AntiFavicon are made from text or numerals instead of images and are colored to be nice looking. Creating a free online favicon is a simple matter of typing in the text and choosing (optional) colours - an instant favicon is created which can be downloaded, saved as an ico file and used immediately. This service is totally free with NO restrictions on the resulting favicons use - ideal for commercial sites.

Free Online Favicon Generator - Free Online Favicon Drawing Program - The Somacom online favicon drawing tool works great for any design of favicon. Whether you are artistic or not the website makes drawing and designing your own favicons simple and easy. "Draw your own favicon or icon online for free using this entirely web-based, non-Java icon generator. All you need is a modern web browser like Firefox. The tool creates a 16x16 pixel icon in 16 colors with optional transparency."

Free Online Favicon Generator - Free Favicon Editor - The DeGraeve website has a very good and intuitive to use free favicon editor. Just choose your colours and create the favicon by clicking with your mouse - try it and see, it works well. It is also possible to upload a .png file to automatically create a favicon.

Free Online Favicon Generator - Dynamic Drive Free Favicon Generator - The Free Favicon generator at Dynamic Drive allows you to instantly create a favicon from any image. Supported file formats are gif, jpg, png, and bmp. So if you have an image in any of these formats go online and create a new free favicon for your website.

Free Online Favicon Generator - HTML Kit Free Favicon Generator - The Free Favicon generator at Chami HTML-Kit allows a favicon to be generated immediately from any source image. Just browse to the image file on your hard drive and then generate the favicon.ico - a free online service.

Free Online Favicon Generator - Online fav-icon creator - This free online fav-icon creator allows the creation of a 16x16 pixels favicon for instant use. Easy to use with clear instructions. The website also as some good favicon information page: 'Find out how to modify your web pages to display favicons' and there is an icon library where ready-made facicons can be browsed and downloaded for use.

Free Online Favicon Generator - Favicon Generator Tool - This favicon creator tool from Dagon Design lets you upload an image in JPG, PNG, or GIF format of maximum size 100KB, and convert the image to a standard 16 x 16 favicon.ico. Recently created favicons are displayed on the page and it is interesting to see the favicons others are creating.

Free Online Favicon Generator - Free Favicon Generator - Another free favicon generator here - just browse to your image and create a favicon from the image for instant use.


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Favicons FAQs & Guides

Guides to the use and creation of favicons.